Most frequent questions and answers

As a school of International languages, Multilingual academy was created to teach 100+ languages online. The basic goal of the academy is to offer all those from various parts of the globe interested in learning an International language, a quality and accessible course of study online using highly qualified, native language teachers. multilingual academy has been in business since 2019.

Our teachers are all 100% native speakers with online video and school teaching experience. All our teachers speak English regardless of the language they teach. 

You can go to our homepage and click on “Register Now”. You can fill in the form and we will arrange a brief virtual meeting with you to discuss your aims and objectives in learning a new language. You can also call or WhatsApp us on +919940522238 to discuss the procedure.

We offer all the languages we have mentioned in our home page. If you want to learn any other language that has not been listed there, you can feel free to contact us and let us know the language you are looking for and we will gladly get you the same. 

We adapt our teaching methods to your objectives, so we can provide tuition when needed. With our help you will usually make significant progress very fast.

We believe that it would be unfair to have age limit to learning. We have students from as little as 3 years old till as big as 50 years old. It all depends on the level of interest in learning a new language.

The session is normally 60 minute long but based on your needs we can increase or decrease it.

Based on your objectives and motivation, we can suggest some homework. Your teacher based on your progress would be the one to suggest the kind of homework that will be given to you. 

Not at all. All you have to do is install Skype/Zoom/Google Meet/Microsoft Teams/ in the device that you will be using for training.

Yes! Though we would recommend a desktop or a laptop, you can do the session via tablets or even smart phones if nothing else is available.

You need a normal connection with a minimum of 0.6 Mbps. You can check out your internet connection quality on speedtest.net.

We accept payments via Paypal if you are outside India. If you are inside India, a normal wire transfer would do. 

The weekly schedule is up to you and usually depends on your free time and objectives. However, we do recommend at least 2 sessions per week because exposure to the language taught is a key driver of language learning. We can discuss it and advise you of the best schedule during our virtual meeting once we understand your goals. You can increase or reduce the number of weekly sessions any time.

Having a language lesson online is almost the same as having a “real” lesson at home or in the classroom. This is because the teacher and the student can see each other and speak to each other using the microphone, headphones, and web camera. However, you will need to have a normal enough internet connection, with no technical problems in your device so that you can clearly see and hear the teacher. Hence this way of training can in no way be considered a passive method of studying a language. We may call it the advanced way.

Ofcourse. The teacher profiles will be shared with you as per your objectives and you can shortlist the teacher you would like to learn from. Feel free to browse through our ‘Choose your Coach’ page.

At Multilingual academy, we use the latest language-learning materials subject to the country whose language is being studied. Digital learning materials are also tailor-made by our language coaches according to the student’s learning objectives. These materials are sent to the student at no additional cost.

It would be a mistake to think that lessons via Skype/Zoom are all about the speaking skill. The latest textbook materials, which we use in our lessons, are scanned and sent to you by email and so, in this way, both the teacher and the student can use the materials at the same time. Written exercises are completed and sent as an email or as a Word document. If a student prefers to write out the exercises by hand, this is also possible: just scan your work and send it to the teacher that way. Lessons also have a listening exercise component using podcasts, videos, YouTube, and exercises from textbooks. Of course we also give the student reading homework; this is an important part of our course. For students at the beginner level, we send them especially adapted books for reading. For students at the intermediate or advanced levels, we look for interesting texts on the Internet. We therefore have as our main goal to include in our courses all the components of a language (grammar, vocabulary, communication, reading, speaking, writing and listening) and to use the communicative approach to learning.

The price depends primarily on the language, the session duration as well as the teacher chosen. For example, a session lasting 60 minutes with our native British / American / Australian / Canadian / English teacher starts from a cost between USD 12  and 15. Please click on our ‘Choose your Coach’ menu and shortlist your teacher for a more accurate costing.

have further questions?

We understand you might have more questions that may not be listed above. Just contact us and we will be more than happy to clarify them for you.